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miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

The Evil Khazarian Plan: Trump

by Germanico P Vaca

I want to save the United States of America and this is my warning. I foresee very obscure days ahead and I am afraid for what is truly happening. I recommend you read the "protocols of the elders of Zion". But one thing you can be sure. Zionist like Gary Cohn, Stephen Mnuchin will be probably put in charge of the economy, if that happens you can bet that what I am saying here is real. I am writing this on 9/11/2016. 

Something extremely rare happened when the Russian leader Vladimir Putin was blamed for intervening in the elections of the United States of America, so, I decided to investigate. What I have discovered is simply mind-blowing.

Putin has never campaigned for office "One has to be insincere and promise something which you cannot fulfil," he had said three years ago. "So you either have to be a fool who does not understand what you are promising, or deliberately be lying." Yet he supports Trump.

After careful study and research, I am convinced that the biggest genocide, crime and hoax of all time is about to be repeated. The powerful elite has decided a path to World War III. Yet I am absolutely positive that people will discard it as my fantasy. I predict however that further research, inquiries and investigation will help humanity destroy this evil unleashed in the entire world.

Yet the three revelations I am about to expose here can help the United States avoid a catastrophe. However, do not think for a moment that I am so naïve to think any of my recommendations will be taken seriously. Prove that I have received zero donations so nobody gives a damn what I said although I have been right in every single prediction regarding Ecuador since 2007, but who cares about that. Quite the contrary, people may walk with knowledge or doubts at least, but they will deny themselves to investigate any further. Ignorance is bliss!

I believe the implications are so incredible that I am hopeful people will read this and may finally see the danger of Donald Trump president. But to understand it, we must read the Bible. Because if we ignore these facts, the world may find itself in the middle of World War III. Because what is at stake is world peace. Please do not forget what I will say here. Trump has been placed in power to be able to attack Russia. The Jews have a plan to take for themselves Ukraine, Crimean, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. 


 “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” (Revelation 2:9)

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” (Revelation 3:9)

Be patient I will explain the meaning of this further. But make note that the Trump administration will be filled with the following people. 

Trump will fill his cabinet with the people that financed him and all of them are Khazars Zionist Ashkenazi Jews. Here is a partial list:
Alan Pomerantz, Paul Achleitner, Sheldon Adelson, Michael Abboud, Allen Weisselberg, Elliot Broidy, Michael Cohen, Michael Dezer, Lewis Eisemberg, Boris Epshteyn, Stephen Feinberg, Alan Fishman, David Friedman, Sam Fox, Alan Garten, Bruce Gelb, Michael Glassner, Jason Greenblatt, Vincent Harris, Carl Icahn, Peter Kalikov, Charles Kuhsner, Jared Kuhsner, Bennet LeBow, Richard LeFrak, Corey Lewandowski, Howardr Lorber, Steve Roth, Bernard Marcus, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Geoffrey Palmer, John Paulson, Stephen Bannon, Stewart Rahr, Richard Roberts, Wilbur Ross, George Ross, Felix Sater, Mel Sembler, Lara Yunaska, Ron Weiser, Eteven Witkoff, Stephen Wynn.

The undeniable evidence of what Jesus Christ said has become clear with the advent of DNA research. In 2001, Dr Ariella Oppenheim and her team at Tel Aviv University released their study which found that most people who claim to be “Jews” were mainly Khazar's, a Caucasus people from what now is Ukraine, Georgia and Crimea and part of Kazakhstan. The so-called Jews of Khazar had helped and contributed to the extinction of the Hebrew Jews in the Holocaust (Undeniable fact that Soros, the Rothschild's and the family of 300 were indeed involved). They have replaced the real Jews and now they are causing strife in the world just as the Bible had predicted that the descendants of Magog, sons of Japeth, son of Noah will do and will become known as the Synagogue of Satan.

In fact, the capital of Kazakhstan is called Astana, a beautiful modern city filled with masons symbols. Perhaps is also the reason why once this knowledge was revealed the most famous Khazar Zionist in the world. Mr. Henry Kissinger has said that “Israel will not exist by 2022” After the revelation of Dr Oppenheim they no longer have any use for the “real Jews” who speak Hebrew and they could care less if Israel disappears, they have placed their eyes in Ukraine and all the regions that were the Khazar empire. To be able to do so they need to destroy Vladimir Putin and hence War with Russia is their goal.

This has been precipitated from the moment that Vladimir Putin declared war against the elite of Rothschild and Soros. They, in turn, declared war against Russia. For God sake,  Americans must realize that the only way to achieve that is through the United States. Therefore Trump will launch a massive effort to build up weapons, strengthen the military and to create the perfect conditioning of people to support the war against Russia. But the United States has nothing to gain from this, Nothing whatsoever. It has nothing to do with America, it has everything to do with the fake JEWS and what they want.

You will never hear this reported in the news networks, they own it, and they control it. I am truly risking my life revealing this and yet I have received zero donations. Is that insane or what? But look at the facts and I am begging and trying to prevent the biggest catastrophe in the history of the United States, we will be lead to war. Remember that! The media will start bombarding you with information that you and everyone will support a total war against North Korea to have the element of surprise and amass all the weapons, at the right time they may sign a deal with Kim Jun In because Russia is the real target.

The Ashkenazi Jews speak Yiddish. It is these people who have victimized the Hebrew Jews who are blamed for the ills of the world.  The Khazars have no Israelite blood at all, they adopted Judaism and have incorporated their Luciferian Babylonian religion. Their ancestors are not the Israelites of the Bible. They did not worship the God, Jehovah, but instead literally were a phallic cult. They worshipped Satan by means of the male penis idol. It is their God. The Khazars were never in the land of Israel. They are not the seed of Abraham. They have no promise from God. Now we know this as absolute scientific fact. By now you must be asking yourself. What does that have to do with Trump’s presidency?  

This fact makes clear that the Holocaust was the most sinister enterprise ever perpetrated. There is ample evidence that Adolf Hitler was financed by Khazar Zionist bankers. That means that the Holocaust only purpose was to kill the “real Hebrew Jews” and at the same time get Palestine to gather the Khazar Ashkenazi Jews posing as the “children of God.” Since then these children of the synagogue of Satan have become the most powerful in the world controlling banking, politics, wars, social systems and their goal is complete and absolute power.

“The facts are: Israel, Russia, Europe and America are populated by people saying they are “Jews” who are not Jews! They are Khazar Zionist Ashkenazi and that is how they should be called from now on. When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claims, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is not telling the truth. When today’s Khazar Jews say, they possess the land of Israel as a divine right, they are sadly mistaken” this was said by Dr, Eran Elhaik.

Make sure you understand what that means to the world today. We can’t and should not blame Jews but Kazhars Zionist Ashkenazi. It is these Yiddish speaking people who regardless of where they have resided—since biblical times—they have been driven out, or killed en masse because of their corrupt and evil ways that believe in sex worship of the penis.

Yet throughout the ages, Zionist have manipulated the ‘political and economic systems’ to gain great wealth and power. Zionists are like a locust that devour everything in their power through corruption.  In America, they have been manipulating Hollywood, TV and now they control all media outlets to create an array of very potent organizations and lobbies that ultimately seek not only political and economic power but also complete social control. Now the mere mention of Jews and they will label you "anti-Semitic" although the Ashkenazi and Zionist Jews are not Semitic people at all. They are Caucasian. They control the media outlets in Russia, England, and The United States of America.

Trump is part of this evil plan.

Zionists conceive themselves to be morally and intellectually superior to everyone, either because they believe themselves to be the true descendants of Cain. Although it is never said, in reality, Cain is the demigod in the Bible. If we are to put together what the Sumerian Tablets say, the Annunaki or fallen angels had children called the Nephilim. According to the Bible, Cain is called the son of Eve; it does not say the first son of Adam. Cain fathered Enoch and the bloodline follows to Noah. (different name in the Sumerian tablets but nevertheless is also a demi-god). The second son of Noah was Japheth and the Bible says that he is the father of Magog who becomes the king of the Khazars. These people become worshipers of Satan and are so evil that everybody wanted to kill them. They adopted Judaism as a religion and merge their beliefs with those of Judaism. Through the centuries the Illuminati plan and the Knight Templars agenda become one organization with one goal. World domination. Thus, the Zionist inevitably abuse their power, and eventually, humanity joins together to get rid of all of them. Jews themselves have become the victims of the Khazarian Zionist mafia.

The present situation of the world today is leaving few options for humanity. The following are the undeniable facts that we must confront:

1.       The Financial System is dominated and depends on the Federal Reserve, the dollar and the Central banks of the World. Organizations such as the IMF, The World Bank and The United Nations all are controlled by Khazar Zionist Ashkenazi.
2.       The Intelligence agencies such as CIA, Mossad, are dominated by Khazars Zionist.
3.       Tv, media outlets and entertainment are all under the control of Khazar Zionist Ashkenazi and because of it, they are pushing their agenda of homosexuality, depopulation and evil ways.
4.       The economic, political and social systems are being controlled by Khazar Zionist Ashkenazi so humanity must either accept the “destiny they have forged and predicted” or we must destroy them.
5.       They have been playing both sides and make World War III almost inevitable. Humanity must claim our fate destroying the neo-cons of today, along with their multi-tentacled Zionist lobby, organizations, banks and the entire corrupt media kingpins, the genocidal regime filled with Khazarian Zionist and their cohorts.

People must realize that just like in the second world war the very wealthy in the world paid a psychopath Adolf Hitler who could go along killing “minorities” today the destruction of North America begins in the same way.  Trump is the perfect individual to do exactly that. Even as a candidate his rhetoric has been to divide everyone. A so-called populist agenda that has nothing to do with making America Great. It has to do with destroying America from within. They need America divided because that way we are much weaker and easier to be manipulated and defeated. 

The second revelation is that War with Russia is unavoidable.

The Rothschild published in the economist their intentions to manipulate the elections and make Donald Trump the president. The trick is to have someone to blame. The perfect fall guy is their enemy, the man that declared war against them. That man is Vladimir Putin, so no matter what anyone says they will blame Russia and make facts, evidence and news will be pushed every day until everyone will swear that as fact. Trump will have no alternative but to declared sanctions and eventually war against Russia. The whole thing has nothing to do with Putin or with Trump. The Zionist have been manufacturing all wars and controlling the economies. their corporations will profit tremendously and they will be calling the shots on the economy. In the United States, they are also controlling all the media and now they control The White House with their puppet Donald Trump. In reality, Donald Trump is so ill-prepared to be the President that several Zionist will be put in place in his cabinet and in the White House, they will be running the entire show, Mike Pence will be running a lot of the errands. Trump will be entertainment for everyone. You can expect non stop lies, corruption, controversies, scandals just to keep you amused. The people controlling it all will be the Rothschild's but what better way than to make it appear as if is a shot from the hip of Donald Trump. 

A few of us that have bothered to read and understand the Bible and the words that clearly point out to the sad fact and reality that the children of Satan are among us creating destruction. Maybe the real anti-Christ will be among those working in the White House. Maybe Jared Kushner, Stephen Mnuchin or some other direct descendant of the bloodline of the Nephilim. We can see where this is heading and it is world war III.

Are people so naïve as to believe that despite the fact that the mafia ruled over any construction site in NYC that somehow they were going to play nice with Fred and Donald Trump? The fact is that 18 of 20 real estate moguls are all Khazarian Zionist and they financed Donald Trump.

Are we to believe that the Khazarian Zionist Mafia who control gambling in the United States simply turned a blind eye in Atlantic city and never had to deal with Donny Trump? As a matter of fact, they endorsed and financed Donald Trump for president. Because he had a debt of over 9 billion dollars with them. In fact, the Trump organization is filled with Khazarian Zionist.

The whole FBI may be manipulated by Donald Trump. It is reputed that Fred Trump used to supply Edgar Hoover with boys for his stays in New York and the reason why Fred Trump was never investigated. It is not fiction to believe Donald Trump has something similar on the FBI director.

The cheerleading act of Vladimir Putin towards “Donald Trump” has a very sinister purpose. Putin was led to believe that if Trump won the elections then the deal with Exxon will go forward and Exxon will take control of all political control of the United States by placing someone who can take down the sanctions against Russia. Unbeknownst to most Americans is the fact that Putin is Ashkenazi Zionist. He is the counterpart, the other side of the coin to create World War III and to make it successful for him and his cohorts to enjoy the lavish lifestyle that they have. They have to be part of the game and to do so they intend to destroy the world and go to war.

Harry S. Truman’s unpublished diary contains this remark: “The Jews have no sense of proportion, nor do they have any judgment on world affairs. The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs, or Greeks are murdered or mistreated as [post-war] Displaced Persons as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power—physical, financial or political—neither Hitler nor Stalin had anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog.” Of course, Truman did not know that Hitler and Stalin were, in fact, Khazarian Zionist.

The United States is dealing with an incredible mess that has been kept secret. The takeover of criminal activity from the Italian Mafia by the Ashkenazi Jewish Mafia (Khazarian Zionist). Worst yet it is an operation created by the KGB. They dumped most of the Jewish criminals from the Soviet Union to the USA when, In the 1970s, the Soviet KGB emptied its jails of many of these hard-core criminals and allowed them to come to America in the much-hailed release of Soviet-Jewish “émigrés.” The Israel lobby pushed the government to accept such an absurd operation. Vladimir Putin is ex KGB and Ashkenazi JEW. He has the full intention of sending another 300,000 Ashkenazi Jews from Russia to the United States. He needs Trump to do that. Not only that the whole war on Ukraine has to do with sending all those Ashkenazi jews to the USA as refugees. Hence all the operations of Israel in Ukraine.

In the early 1990s alone, there were said to have some 300 “members” of Ashkenazi Jewish mafia in NY operating there—these numbers being larger than any of the more-publicized Italian- American Mafia “families” that Rudy Giuliani (adviser of Donald Trump) was wiped out and in a sense opening the path for the Ashkenazi Jewish mafia to take over. Donald Trump was, in fact, employing hundreds of them.

Of course, the plan has been well laid out and the Post owned by Rupert Murdoch, a devout supporter of Israel who is of partially Jewish descent, and the Daily News is owned by Mortimer Zuckerman, another pro-Israel hard-liner and former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. They are in the know that the Rothschild have Trump working for them so they are using reverse psychology and through Hegel’s Dialectic have conquered the White House.  

Sam Kislin—a Ukraine-born and now New York-based patron of Israel repeatedly linked to high-ranking figures in the “Russian” mob— raised more than $2 million for Giuliani’s intended (but aborted) bid for the Senate in 2000, the pivotal part that Giuliani played in destroying the Italian mob in New York—thus paving the way for the aggressive take-over of the New York rackets by the non-Russian “Russians” —is a sensitive area even many “alternative” journalists prefer not to address. They can be killed and the Zionist-owned media is not interested in stories like that. And the record shows that there is absolutely no question that elements inside the federal law enforcement community in the New York area at the time Giuliani was the big man on the scene were deliberately turning their eyes from the burgeoning activity of the “new” mobsters on the New York scene. as a “crime buster” during his earlier tenure as U.S. attorney in Manhattan, prior to becoming mayor of the Big Apple.

What Giuliani actually accomplished was to shut down decades-old, home-grown, primarily Italian- American criminal syndicates, setting the stage for foreign-born (primarily Jewish) gangsters—mainly from Russia but also including many from Israel (Giuliani’s favourite foreign nation)—to take over the operations previously controlled by the Italian groups.
New York tabloids entertained their readers with exciting stories about the famed “Five Families” of the Mafia as Giuliani and his prosecutors from the U.S. attorney’s office in New York launched a showy campaign against alleged Mafia figures, ultimately sending an assortment of high-ranking old men “bosses” off to prison.

In the meantime, while the media (and Giuliani) were focusing on “the Mafia,” Jewish crime groups from Russia and Israel were beginning to flourish in the New York area (and elsewhere on American soil), perfectly positioned to fill the vacuum left by the demise of the old-time Italian syndicates.

The FBI—actually did little to impede the growth of the “Russian” crime syndicate while it was establishing itself on American soil.

The reason, of course, was that a large part of the problem was political: the Russian mob was predominantly Jewish. the gangsters were—and are—protected by the most powerful political force in the United States today: the Jewish lobby, represented by such groups as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, a documented arm of Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, as well as the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee. The mass media, largely controlled by Zionist interests, has also redirected attention away from these elements. Make no mistake that this will become a huge issue later on. Any opposition to Donald Trump will be eliminated by the Jewish Mob.

If you’re naïve enough to still believe the government’s “official” version of events—that 19 Arab cave dwellers planned, orchestrated, and executed the September 11 terror attacks—you really need to check you MK ultra-reality and deprogrammed yourself because you are under the program yourself. You can’t deny that it would have been a terrorist attack by a very sophisticated Intelligence agency. The one nation that benefited the most was who? Israel.

It is always shocking to me that people will claim that you are a conspiracy theorist if you say "9-11 was actually an inside job" but in fact, you need to be stupid and ignorant to ignore all the real facts not to conclude anything but that. 9-11 was perpetrated by a small cabal within (and outside) our government. And why would they perpetrate such a psychopathically bloodthirsty mass murder? Besides the obvious fact, that was the means to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.

The answer is divided into three parts:
1.       It was lined up by the neocons of PNAC  (All Khazar Zionist Askenazi) as the perfect pretext to start a war against Muslim nations. The United States is nothing more than a proxy doing Israel’s dirty work, Americans paying for it, Children of Americans dying in the war and the benefit to the United States is a huge massive debt.

2.       The biggest heist in history as the gold of the vaults in the twin towers disappeared. Bush never bothered asking for an investigation about what happened with all those tons of gold. 
3.       The payments to the owners of the building and the reconstruction of the area benefited Khazarian Zionist Ashkenazi. Trump knew about that and in a TV interview mentioned that fact.

People have short memories and fail to realize that Jews controlled Hollywood and they had to deal with mafia bosses that controlled the unions, which they needed to have labour, sets and so forth. What they have done eventually is replaced with their own mafias. Now Hollywood is being controlled by Khazar Zionist pretending to be Jews.

Trump is a Khazar Zionist by his grandfather and to save his skin from so many bad debts he is serving the cabal’s interest.

Trump is driven by his business ambitions. Trump signed an agreement to build a Trump Tower in the heart of Moscow — at least Trump’s fifth attempt at such a venture. He has debt with 72 Jewish Banks, He owes over a billion dollars to China. His presidency will be nothing more than a servant to those interests that own him.

We are being led to a totalitarian rule where the most powerful and richest men in America will remain in power and create such a stronghold in power that the nation will never recover from it. Because it will not be talent and qualifications or real ability but through fraud and force. Americans have done nothing to stop their complete and utter destruction. All their civil liberties and rights are being taken away under the veil of “National Security” what the hell do you think you have to protect once you no longer have a nation?

Americans have done nothing to stop the militarization of the police, they can take over America easily and be assured there will be no revolt and the raping and pillaging of our natural resources and wealth can begin in earnest. They will control the destruction of the Arctic, the Antarctic and your IC which in Latin mean "the nature of" you. 

Americans are been deceived and yet they are led to believe that Trump is their saviour. Trump is nothing but the application of Hegel’s Dialectic in the unsuspecting ignorant American masses. You must perceive that all is going back to normal if you only elect an outsider. But Trump is nothing but a deep insider. Americans are going to have a very rough awakening because what is coming is not a silent war. It is the total takeover of the United States government to establish a tyrannical rule. 

The new Jew State

Why all this mess. Nothing makes sense. Until you understand Israel’s plan. You see the discovery that most so-called Jews of today are truly Khazar Zionist Ashkenazi has forced Israel to come up with a new plan. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his advisors have created the “Ukraine Solution.” Some Jewish settlers would leave Israel and return to Ukraine. This resettling into Ukraine would take time, for reasons of logistics and economics. The end result, however, would be two Jewish homelands, Israel and Ukraine. The only need America to make it happen and the only way is to destroy Russia or make it so weak that they will be able to become the most powerful nation once they put together their old Khazar empire. 

“We’re not talking about all the Ashkenazi Jews going back to Ukraine,” explained a well-placed source in intelligence circles, “obviously, this is not practical.”

“Khazaria 2.0.” “All Jews will be welcomed back to Ukraine without condition as citizens.” What’s more, the Israeli government promises an “infusion of massive Israeli military assistance” to Ukraine, “including troops, equipment, and construction of new bases.”

“If the initial transfer works, other West Bank settlers would be encouraged to relocate to Ukraine as well.”

Everything works to perfection for the Khazarian Zionist Ashkenazi Jews. Their true business is war. The sale of weapons, pharmaceuticals and profit in the media is all theirs. So, what better way to control the war, control the media who reports the war, and control the banks and finance where they make a killing wither way. In effect, Ukraine is to become an “autonomous Jewish domain,” a small-scale successor to the medieval empire of Khazaria... It would be called, in Yiddish, Chazerai. That is the plan and Trump is part of the plan. The only way to make that happened is to have two sides to win the war, either way, they win. So, Putin on one side and Trump on the other. Both descendants of Khazar Zionist.

“By lining up with the Syrian rebels and Ukraine, as well as Georgia and Azerbaijan” (also part of the ancient Khazarian territory), Netanyahu believes he can “put pressure on both Syria and Russia.” On the other side is the reason why the Khazar Zionist have been backing Trump all the way.

Georgia in 2008, Crimea in 2014, and southeastern Ukraine in 2014-15. Yet it is only by filling in these connecting dots that the key questions concerning the intervention can be addressed: Did Moscow seek confrontation with a view to dismembering NATO and weakening Europe, or did it pursue the much narrower goals of regaining the great power status lost during the Gorbachev-Yeltsin eras and protecting national security and commercial interests? And can the West engage Russia in Syria in a limited partnership against radical Islam as it did in World War II against Nazi Germany, or is any collaboration with the wily Putin simply out of the question?

The answer may lie in 1935 when Hitler got all the financing from the Rothschild through their agents. They created war and they had the sinister plan of destroying the true people from Israel. Killing the Hebrews, the real Jews. Now the plan seems much too clear. To renew Khazaria and the goal is Landlocked Heartland and Strategic Interests in Crimea, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijani and Khuzestan.

Henry Kissinger has eloquently posited Russia's historical expansion as pursuance of a special rhythm of its own over the centuries, expanding over landmass ... interrupted occasionally overtime ... only to return again, like a tide crossing the beach. From Peter, the Great to Vladimir Putin circumstances have changed, but the rhythm has remained extraordinarily consistent. But we can bet Henry Kissinger will be manipulating the opinion to conduct as he always does to war.
Putin repeatedly invokes Russia's "strategic interests" in the Crimea.

The elections in the United States were nothing but an illusion of choice. The choice between The Rothschild or the Rockefellers. Under the Rothschild rules, the United States has been usually screwed in every extent of the word. Under Nixon, the gold backing of the dollar came to pass and the so-called American Dollar (Federal Reserve Khazarian Zionist note) became a useless piece of paper based on faith alone. If you keep believing is worth it, it is valued at the printed amount. Otherwise, people will realize is worthless and the end of America will come.

Under every Bush administration, the American people got lied: “Read my lips no new taxes and then he increased all taxes, with the Reagan administration Irangate, Salvador, Nicaragua and stupid adventures playing wars that had no meaning whatsoever, while they sold drugs to minorities. Netanyahu was a part of Irangate but nobody ever mentions that. Under the Khazarian Zionist regime of Georgie Bush the biggest Gold Heist, War in Afghanistan, Iraq and if you are stupid enough to believe that a guy with a cell phone directed the whole thing from the hell holes of Pakistan you need mental help. But the media has repeated over and over that "fact".

Under the Rockefellers administrations they made their money but for the most part trying to make the United States a better place and that is why under Clinton regardless of your opinion of his personal issues tremendous economic growth was achieved, under Obama the almost impossible task of getting the United States from the complete collapse has been done with very mixed results indeed but the United States was on the brink of total collapse. We still have an Israeli Khjazarian Zionist calling the shots at the Federal Reserve. Yes, I am not talking about the woman with the funny speech pattern but the second in command is the serpent that is directing the policy.

Trump conspiracy:

The conspiracy between Trump' campaign team and Russia to destroy Hillary Clinton and win the presidency of the United States.

Bribes, kickback deals in China and other countries from the Trump organization are substantial and very troublesome. Trump is happy to use Russia as a bogeyman to be able to hide other corrupt practices in China and other countries.

Russian's know that if they make the deal with Exxon and Rosneft they will become the most powerful country in the world. They will dictate the prices of gasoline, gas and oil. For Exxon means 900 billion deal so they had chosen Trump five years ago to get the deal done. Trump has been financed in many deals by Russian oligarchs and to compromise him even the Russian mob. 

Rothschild will control Trump through blood relation of a Rothschild related family Jared Kushner who is the son of née Stadtmauer (mother) of a blood relative of Rothschild's (possible antichrist Jared Kushner, lives in 666, floor 66, apt 6)?

Jared Kushner may have a team of at least 100 people of sophisticated hackers computers wizards working with the Facebook creator. The team at Lucent technologies creating spyware, malware, special targeting of google, facebook and "the internet of things"
Jared Kushner by owning Lucent technologies what they want is to install the chip into everyone, They will create a Trumpcare where every doctor and hospital is mandated to use their RFID chip and insert in people. They will control sensors to monitor everyone and control all the companies that monitor insurance, health and hospitals.

Trump moles (Jewish Zionist) infiltrated the Clinton campaign and provided information to Donald Trump and may have been the ones who installed malware in DNC computers and provided the information to Trump and Russian.

Russia used WikiLeaks as a scapegoat and as cover to release the information. (plausible deniability)

Ties between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence sources have been for many years.

Trump team provided information on Russian oligarchs living in the USA and US citizen of interest of Russia.

Russia has enough material on Trump to blackmail him if they wish to do so. Russians know that Trump is physiologically unstable: sociopath, pathological liar, untrustworthy, sexual depravities.

“Almost all of the oligarchs were in the room,” Trump bragged to Real Estate Weekly. Trump has a lot of financial deals with Agalarov, and several Russian billionaires, oligarch and Russian Mafiosi.

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008

The stupidity and ignorance of the masses are rather pathetic.  However, they must be forgiven because their sin is ignorance but those that know what the game is all about and do nothing cannot be forgiven. The new President of the United States is Donald Trump and people do not seem to realize the game that is being played.  Trump is the end game for the United States. May God bless this nation and each and every American citizen.

As for me, I have made a decision. I will dedicate the rest of my life to pursue my dreams and goals as best as I can. I was deceived as an eleven-year-old child I believed in all the principles of this great nation and as soon as I was 18 years old I came with five dollars in my pocket.  I fought and struggled so much to become a citizen. Now that I have seen the truth and know what the United States represents I fear what it will become of the United States of America. Life is no longer worth living if you abandon your principles and ideals. One must live by principles and I shall do that. 

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